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Am I the only one who feels this way?

That moment when you finish an amazing book…

You finish the story, and reality sinks back in.

You blink a lot, needing to readjust to the light.

You feel broken inside; this world is not as great as the one in books.

You ache, because all you want to do is get the sequel or read it again.

A great story is one that: you can’t put down… won’t soon forget… makes you laugh & cry… makes you lose yourself in a life far removed from your own.


5 comments on “Am I the only one who feels this way?

  1. Sara G.
    March 6, 2013

    I always wish that I could wipe my memory after I finish a good book so that I could read and enjoy the book all over again 🙂

  2. Emily E
    March 7, 2013

    I always feel this way!!

  3. Lorie
    March 9, 2013

    OMG. Lately, this is me after EVERY book! I swear with all the good ones out there these days, it’s hard to come across a not-so-good one.

  4. Tina
    March 9, 2013

    Love this…so true!

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