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So it’s been a hectic past couple of weeks… Between all the latest book releases, my brother’s birthday, and him leaving for basic training, I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit. But I think that it’s starting to slowly come together!

What am I still working on, you may ask?

Reviews – Obviously. They’re all saved as private posts since they’re basically a bunch of gibberish that I still need to translate, polish, & publish.

Me, My Shelf, & I – Gosh, it’s really annoying that I can’t think of what to include in my ‘About Me.’ I mean, I have one, but it’s long and practically an auto-biography. I like to think that I’m an awesome person, but I’m not that interesting. I’ll post it once it’s a reasonable length =/

My Book Boyfriends (A fancy feature) – Pretty self-explanatory. I’d like to include pictures of what I imagine my book boyfriends look like, so those are things I’ll have to go hunt down. *Adds to lengthy blog to-do list*

The Blog Book (A fancy feature) – I trust you’ve all seen Mean Girls – you know, with Tina Fey, and Lindsay Lohan (back when she was decent)? Anyway, The Blog Book is kind of like my anti-burn book; it’s a hate-free zone. Everything on the page will be about what I like and love. It will showcase my favorite book couples, quotes, and love songs, among other things.

Yeah, so that’s about it. Now, back to reading =]


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This entry was posted on March 5, 2013 by in Random.

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