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USA vs the UK: The Cover War (Round I)

I first noticed the differences between the book covers here and across the pond when I was 17. I found myself in London, dressed like an owl outside a non-descript bookstore, waiting for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was on a 2-week country-hopping trip, so I refused to read the book until I got home… but when I finally pulled it out of my carry-on, I was surprised at how odd (and small) it looked compared to the copies I’d seen at my local Barnes & Noble. 
Since then, I’ve subconsciously juxtaposed international and domestic covers I’ve spotted both on the web, and in bookstores. But now that I’m a legitimate blogger (kinda sorta), I decided why not post about it? 
So, for the cover showdown: US covers are on the left & UK on the right – you just have to decide if you’re Team USA or Team UK! Comment below with your picks. I’d love to know which ones you prefer!

Slammed – Colleen Hoover

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.17.36 PM

MY VERDICT  I tend to favor simplicity, so I do like the UK cover… but to me the one on the left is so iconic! Also, Slammed and Point of Retreat are getting makeovers – which, in my humble opinion, is all the more reason to appreciate the original cover!

Crossing the Line – Katie McGarry

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 7.37.13 PM

MY VERDICT → No contest here: US > UK – hands down!

Thoughtless Series – S.C. Stephens


MY VERDICT → It’s like dark vs. light with this cover face-off! On an individual basis, I think the UK cover for Reckless is pretty badass, but overall, I prefer the US designs. *Though I can’t say I’d turn down a UK paperback set if it was ever offered! 😉

Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire


MY VERDICT → I’ll forever treasure my copy of Walking Disaster because it came from Ms. McGuire herself, but I think I prefer the UK cover. I say think because I like them both and keep going back & forth between the two. On the one hand, I’m a huge fan of the red, white & black color combo… plus the red butterfly, note, and “Find out what men REALLY think” tagline on the UK cover keep reeling me in. But I also like tattoos, the font for ‘walking’, and the chiseled bicep/partial torso on the US cover. It’s tough, but I ♥ Travis & that’s all that matters! Right?

Fallen Too Far – Abbi Glines

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 7.52.41 PM

MY VERDICT → US! Not sure what that shoe really has to do with Fallen Too Far. I remember Blaire saving a pair from her mother, or something to that effect… but for it to be the cover? I don’t recall it being mentioned beyond that party scene, or having that big of an impact, so the UK cover doesn’t do it for me. I like the design and color scheme of the US version. Though not exactly what I pictured Blaire & Rush to look like, it works! *I asked my sister which cover she prefers, and she picked the shoe one because, and I quote, “the one on the left is rated R!” You should know, she’s 15.   

Losing It – Cora Carmack

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 7.28.24 PM

MY VERDICT → They’re pretty much the same, with only slight differences. But as the saying goes, it’s all in the details and that’s why I prefer the one on the right. I’m not a fan of the circular “sticker-thing” that seems to worm its way onto most of the UK covers (Abbi’s books have them too!), but I do like the blue, the font, and the guy’s facial “scruff” on this book. (Btw, is it just me, or does the girl on the left seem to have rosier cheeks?)

Pushing the Limits – Katie McGarry

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 7.19.29 PM

MY VERDICT → I prefer the font and overall design on the left, but I think the one on the right has character (pun intended). The  US cover has a really clean look, and when compared to the rest of the series, I think it fits better than the UK version does. That’s why my vote goes to Team America.

Crash – Nicole Williams


MY VERDICT → I like the simplicity of the UK cover and how the red stands out against the predominantly gray background. When I first saw this pop up on my newsfeed, it took a little time to figure out that it was someone’s foot in a ballet shoe, but I got it. Eventually. Still, the US cover takes this face-off because to me, it paints a fuller picture of what Crash is all about. PLUS Jude gets representation with those dirty Chucks! At least, I think they’re Converses… the signature star is hard to spot from here.

The Vincent Boys – Abbi Glines

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.55.40 PM

MY VERDICT → I was interested in the decision to go with black & white. (Why do the Aussies get full color AND both Vincent boys on the cover??) I’m not averse to B&W. In fact, I love it. But I’m just curious as to why these books get the special treatment. That said, I have the go with the UK cover here. The words pop out more and I like how they’re holding each other. Don’t get me wrong, I like the peekaboo abs action going on over on the US side, but if it weren’t for the extra set of hands, I’d totally miss the girl! I’d love to touch Beau myself, just don’t hide behind him!

Dare You To – Katie McGarry

dare you to

MY VERDICT → It actually pains me to look at the right side. My main beef is with the spray paint-looking title; it ‘s overwhelming and just doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the cover. But I also take issue with the poor dude. For some reason the change in color has me feeling emasculated on his behalf and I’m not even the one wearing the T-shirt. Needless to say, the US cover takes this one.

ROUND 1 Results:

usFINAL TALLY = United States: 7 | United Kingdom: 3


So Battle 1/Round 1 goes to TEAM USA!

I limited this post to 10, but as I continue to come across different covers, I’ll add more installments to “The Cover War.” Hope you enjoyed this round & feel free to drop a comment!


15 comments on “USA vs the UK: The Cover War (Round I)

  1. Alison Chaffin Higson
    April 29, 2013

    OMG I’m British, but apart from two of them, I love the US ones better – Team America

  2. This was a fun post! I LOVE the original Slammed cover, but also really like the new ones. The series continuity on them is super cool.

    I think I agreed with all your other choices except Walking. I LOVE the UK cover for it, and how it alludes to the cover of BD.

    Keep the battles coming!

    • P.J. Evans
      May 3, 2013

      Thanks Heather! I believe we chatted on Twitter about this, but I do plan to have another cover showdown =)

  3. Jen B (@Scrapingirl16)
    April 29, 2013

    I love the UK covers on all of them, except for Walking Disaster and Dare You To.

    • P.J. Evans
      May 3, 2013

      Thanks for commenting Jen! Regardless of genre, I tend to prefer the UK covers .. but with romance novels, it’s usually the opposite – team USA.

  4. Simone Beckett
    April 29, 2013

    I agree with all, although i love both covers of Crash!! i’m from the UK and wondering out of interest why change the cover from county to country?? so annoying in my opinion as the US ones are almost always better!!

    • P.J. Evans
      May 3, 2013

      I had a hard time with the Crash covers – I, too, like them both! In regards to the cover changes from country to country… if I’m not mistaken, it’s because of the publisher. Authors may have different representation in each country, and it’s the publisher that chooses, and often times, designs the cover.

  5. Crystal S.
    April 29, 2013

    I personally can’t decide on just team US or Team UK. There are some that I like of the US and then there are the one’s from the UK that I like that are all about the simplicity! So I guess I am neutral.

  6. The Book Lovers
    April 29, 2013

    I’m from the UK and i was actually going to do a post like this on my blog after seeing the new UK covers for Abbi Glines’ books (Not a fan of them). I am totally Team USA.

    • P.J. Evans
      May 3, 2013

      I prefer the US covers for Abbi’s books too. Don’t really understand the UK ones =/

      • The Book Lovers
        May 4, 2013

        I think it’s the whole ’50 Shades’ phenomenon that are making publishers use random images of shoes etc on books. Super annoying.

  7. Ceri
    April 29, 2013

    I am British too, and think the US covers are generally more attractive. I think the spray paint looking writing is horrid, and to get real spray paint looking like that you’d need a stencil so it makes no sense. And why the shoe? Makes no sense.

  8. jackie
    April 29, 2013

    Team USA for all of them.

  9. Kerry Millar
    April 29, 2013

    well for some reason even being in the uk i have the us cover for fallen too far so am going to go with the cover i have for that as i like it, the rest my vote is split 6-4 to the uk, but it is very close and am kinda swaying on one so could be 50/50 for me.

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