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ANA Review: 3½ hearts

Maddie Neumann died the day she pulled away from her parents’ house determined to make her dreams come true. She wasn’t the perfect little princess she’d been raised to be, all she wanted to do was rock. Everything Maddie was tucked away in a box to allow for her re-birth as Rain Maxwell; a badass rocker who answered to no one and lived by her own set of rules.
Rain’s world is shattered with one phone call from her estranged family. No sooner does she get home than everything she thought she knew about her life starts changing.
Colton Bradford knew there was something special about Rain the moment they first met. Unfortunately, she had a hard and fast rule about dating a bandmate so he was stuck in the friends zone. When Rain is going through her own personal hell, will Colton finally be able to make her see how he feels and convince her to take a chance on love?

I love a good rock star romance and I was particularly excited about this one because this it features a female lead in a predominantly male band. Rain wasn’t my favorite character. To be honest, there were times I envied her, and also times I was downright frustrated with her. But I did enjoy reading about the chemistry between Rain and Colt (whom I adore!!), and it was great to see her journey throughout the story.

Though the first half of Blessed Tragedy was slow for me, the second half kicked things up a notch and I couldn’t wait to see how things would turn out. I went through a roller coaster of emotions while reading this story and I look forward to what comes next in Blessed Fate. 

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