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Blog Tour: THE REMEMBRANCE Series – Kahlen Aymes

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 6.35.51 PMThe Future of Our Past | Don’t Forget to Remember Me


Julia Abbot and Ryan Matthews have been inseparable best friends since the moment they met. Each of them fight an internal battle unwilling to risk their incredible friendship but unable to quell their deep longing for the other. On the verge of his departure to medical school and to her new job on the opposite coast, Ryan and Julia are forced to face the undeniable truth of their deeper feelings.

I tend to like love stories about best friends. I always picture Monica and Chandler’s journey (from the show Friends) and how they developed a romantic relationship despite knowing one another’s flaws and past histories. That said, the synopsis for this book had me intrigued, and I couldn’t wait to read it.

Having finished The Future of Our Past, I think it could have been a very good book. The story had good bones, but like I mentioned, I’ve read a lot of love stories about best friends, and this one just fell short in execution.

For the most part, I liked the characters. At times I found Julia to be annoying but that was most likely because of the cheesy dialogue. They probably say “I love you” on every single page, and the repetitiveness of it all made me want to press a fast forward button.

The story didn’t progress as quickly as I’d like because the characters are stuck on their feelings for a great deal of the book. This added to the whole repetitive chain, and I was both relieved and frustrated when they finally got together because I knew that their HEA was still up in the air (this is a trilogy after all)!

I hope that Book 2 is better because I can’t wait to see what happens with this couple.


Ryan Matthews has everything he ever wanted. Close to graduation from Harvard Medical School and on the verge of marrying his gorgeous and accomplished girlfriend, Julia Abbott, his dreams are about to come true.
Julia is on the fast track as a fashion editor for a big New York magazine. Ryan plans to join her there to complete his residency at a major trauma center and all of their sacrifice is finally at it’s end.
When tragedy strikes, their relationship is hurled into turmoil that leaves Ryan devastated as sorrow drives him to keep his distance, while Julia reaches out to find him again.
The second book of The Remembrance Trilogy follows Ryan and Julia’s quest to rebuild their stunning past; an incredibly beautiful and heart-breaking romance, full of passion, intensity and truly immeasurable love. You’ll be left spellbound, breathless and aching for more…

Happy to say that Book 2 is a lot better than the first in the trilogy, but the cheesy bits are still alive & well (but fortunately, not as prevalent).

I enjoy reading about the male perspective so I loved that we got to see Ryan’s POV here. In Book 1, I preferred his character over Julia’s… I still do, so to get inside his head through “operation get Julia’s memory back” was wonderful. He was amazing and though there wasn’t as much loving going on in this book, I enjoyed the story (especially the wedding scene) and the growth of the characters.

Now that I’m 2/3 of the way done with this series, I am eagerly awaiting Book 3. I want to know if they start a family and I just need more Ryan! I know he’s a fictional character but good gracious is he swoon-worthy! Can’t wait to dive into the last story!


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