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Blog Tour: TATTERED LOVE – Lola Stark

tattered loveAvailable NOW at Amazon

When ex-Special Ops bad-ass Mace walks into Needle’s Kiss tattoo parlour, he never expected to find the girl who would turn his life upside down.

Hard as nails Scarlett has been unlucky in love: she’s been burnt, chewed up and spat out. Reluctant to have another relationship, can she keep her wits about her when hot-as-sin Mace walks into her tattoo parlor? Or will he break her down and leave his mark within her ink?

What starts out as a little fun, turns into something so much more.

Can Scarlett look beyond Mace’s devastating past or will his demons come back to haunt them both?

A tiny teaser:

Scarlett tilted her head up to look at me while she wiped her greasy hands on a rag. Leaning her backside against the hood of the car, she reached back, picked up her bottle of beer, and took a long pull as a droplet of sweat ran down her cleavage. My gaze immediately dropped to her neck as I watched the movement of her throat while she swallowed; the cool amber liquid sending my thoughts careening towards what else I would love to see her swallowing with that perfect mouth.
I snapped myself back to reality, and leaned in close to her as she shut her eyes, her breathing instantly picking up. She squirmed as I reached a hand out and wiped her cheek. She looked up at me confused. My eyes crinkled as I felt my lips form into a small grin. “You got grease on your pretty face.”
Scarlett took a small step back on wobbly legs. I nodded toward her boots and observed, “Got a pair just like those. Never seen ‘em lookin’ like that though.”
“Like what?”
Sauntering away from her, I smirked. “Sexy as fuck.”

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tattered love 2

giveawayTattered Love Promo 1

Tattered Love Blog Tour 2For more stops on the TATTERED LOVE blog tour, click on the banner above!

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Lola Stark lives in Australia, Is an at home mummy with no filter raising a hoard of minions and a husband who sometimes appears not to have grown up. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the family she can be found sitting at her computer , writing, facebooking or just generally messing around.
Upcoming Author of ‘Needles Kiss’ series. A sexy contemporary romance/erotica series. Stay tuned for updates on Book one ‘Tattered Love’s Scarlett and Mace’s story.
Here’s to tatted up ladies and hard as nails men !
With all things going as planned there will be 4 books to this first series with the possibility of another spin off series to follow.

Connect with LOLA on her: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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