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My not-so-secret affair with romance novels

A Novel Affair’s Rating System

This is how it works…

I rate all books out of 5 hearts (with an occasional ♥ of GOLD and ½ ♥ if the book calls for it). It’s pretty self-explanatory but here’s a breakdown of my rating system.. just in case!

♥ of GOLD | Soulmates

It was so insanely phenomenal, I still can’t stop thinking about it. Really in a class all its own. Make room on your bookshelves because you’re gonna wanna pass this one on to your siblings, friends, kids, grandkids.. heck, maybe even your mother-in-law!

Book, I love  you. Seriously. You’re perfect. Marry me? Please?

5 ♥ Full-Blown Love Affair

AMAZING. From beginning to end, it was page after page of grande awesomeness. Stirred up so many different emotions, but the bottom-line is: I LOVED IT.

Buy it. Treasure it. And re-read to your heart’s content!

4 ♥ It’s Pretty Serious

An absolutely fantastic must-read! Great, well-written.. Compelling page-turner.. Enjoyed it a lot!

This one’s a KEEPER =) Now run and get your own copy so you can gush about it with your friends!

3 ♥ Friends With Benefits

Good but not great. I liked it, so it might be worth a look if you have no better prospects. My advice? Just borrow it from the library.

Nice, but nothing to write home about.. *Pun intended*

2 ♥ Let’s Just Be Friends

How do I put this: It’s not you, it’s me / You’re simply not my type / I’m just not that into you.. Get the picture?

It was okay… but I struggled to get through it. Just not my cup of tea =(

1 ♥ One Night Stand

What. the. %$#*?! PASS, next book please! Read at your own risk because I couldn’t finish it.

I know it looks good, but do yourself a favor and step away from the pretty cover!


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